Retail Project:

Late July my design class was presented a retail project. For this project in particular, we had to design for high-end fashion. Me, being the person I am choose, Tory Burch. I really enjoy Tory Burchs’ style and the way she represents her brand.

Tory Burch is an American lifestyle brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its Chairman, CEO and Designer, Tory Burch. Launched in February 2004, the collection includes ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, accessories, watches, home and beauty. – Tory Burch, Mission Statement

Tory Burch is an American Life Style Brand that embodies the personal style and sensibility of its Chairman, CEO and Designer, Tory Burch. Launched in February 2004, the collection includes ready-to-wear, shoes, handbags, accessories, watches, home and beauty. Ms. Burch runs her company out of N.Y. but is wanting to open a retail store in Charlotte N.C.
The main purpose of the store is to provide a high rate of customers in the Carolina’s. Tory Burch takes great pride in the architectural projects that they finance for their brand. Tory Burch wants the projects to be of superior quality, setting new standards for high-end retail stores in the transitional city where Tory Burch, Charlotte is located. They are inspired by the high-end design that Ms. Burch sees in visits to luxury spas in Europe.
This particular project is called Tory Burch, Charlotte. It is a brick three story building from the 1990s, located in the city Charlotte, N.C. This is a transitional inner-city neighborhood; it has experienced resurgence in recent years, as some former industrial buildings are being converted to retail, and commercial uses.
The completed project will contain a retail Tory Burch store.E:Tory BurchRetail Floorplan-1 Layout1 (1)

Tory Burch floor plan created in AutoCad and Photoshop

perspective 2

Store Front perspective made from SketchUp, Podium, and Photoshop.

perspective 1

Front perspective made from SketchUp, Podium, and Photoshop.

Interiors have gold custom wallpaper, mirrored walls, classic lacquered Tory Burch orange shelving, traditional furniture with gold accents everywhere. A classic approach on Tory Burch.

An organic life style through Tory Burch is refined by an environment that is unified, holistic, and ordered. Tory Burch, a designer of both lifestyle branding and organic prints will take geometrical principles of nature and replicate them in the design through sequencing, brand colors, clean-line architectural, and many textures. The bright retail store is conveyed as a personal “Tory” state with its orange lacquered covered paneling, and dimly-lit overhead lighting, and sofas to evoke romance and allure. Designed with Tory Burch in mind, the space will resonate with those who appreciate art and design, but also to those who share a “TB” sense of pride. Like principles in design, the environment will be artistic, harmonious, and bring a unified spirit to the occupants through the space.

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Maelee Arnold

Interior Design Student


My Nordstrom 2017 Mothers Day Gift Guide:

mothers day dress

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 14th. Time to start thinking about what you will buy the mothers in your life and what you might wear if it’s your special day. Nordstrom has you covered for both with lots of beautiful dresses and Mother’s Day gifts. The free shipping and returns makes shopping at Nordstrom extremely easy. You can even buy online and pick up your purchase in store if you are lucky enough to live near a Nordstrom.

Whether you are the mother being celebrated or you are celebrating a mom, this slimming Lace Fit and Flare Dress would be perfect for the occasion.

mothers day earrings

If your a mom, you should buy yourself these Kendra Scott Earrings, wrap them up, and tell your husband or significant other thank you. They are so pretty, I might have to buy myself a pair.

mothers day shoes

Since the dress is so dark, I would pair it with these bright Hot Pink Suede Sandals.

mothers day purse

Another great present for yourself or the mother in your life is this Gucci Supermini Shoulder Bag. The texture is neutral enough to go with any outfit but especially this black dress.

mothers day bag

Of course, moms sometimes need a roomier bag. In that case, I love this neutral Tory Burch Leather Tote. I had a bag this exact shade and it was the best investment I ever made because it went with everything.

mothers day neck
These Initial Pendant Necklaces are such a great price that you could buy multiple initials to signify all of a mother’s children or you could even spell out a name. Designed by Kate Spade, you are sure to make your mother feel like “one in a million”.

mothers day clutch

You could win favorite child status if you gave your mom this pretty Gucci Travel Clutch with a ticket for a spa weekend or special getaway.

mothers day robe

Speaking of spas, I would book an at home spa treatment for your mom along with a white Nordstrom Terry Robe.

mothers day la mer

If you are the reason your mom has a few wrinkles, so why not treat her to the ultimate pampering kit, La Mer The Moisture Intensive Collection. This could also win you a lot of brownie points with your mother for down the road when you need to hit her up for money.

toru burch mothers day

The best presents for Mother’s Day are those your mom might not buy for herself. Perfume is always a great treat and I love this Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Eau de Parfum Spray but there are plenty of other Tory Burch scent options if she would prefer another fragrance.


Hope this helps you get started on your Mother’s Day Shopping!

Until next mothers day,



Interior Design Student