I wanted to write to you today about one of my FIRST commercial design projects. For my DES-220 Spring 2017 course we was instructed to design a bakery. I decided to take a personal spin on the project and focus it on my second love – PETS. Before studying interior design I groomed dogs and cats for five years. Which resulted in me having a love for “pet-friendly” commercial interiors. I focused this project theme and logo around my one-year old tea cup Yorkie, Piper. Piper has health issues that require her to be on a strict grain-free diet, so I specialized the bakery to modify her need that many other pet owners encounter. By modifying her need I was able to focus on healthier NATURAL treat options for the customers and their pets. I focused on making the bakery accessible to both humans and pets. In one corner of the bakery you can find turf-grass and floor seating for easy accessibility. Outside of the bakery there will be an out-door agility area for the pets to exercise and play. The furniture inside of the Bakery is all “dog park” themed. As in you will see custom cafe tables with dog bed built in at the bottom. And to top it off, not only will the bakery sell to pets but of course, the owners too.

I enjoyed working on this design because I was able to focus on Eco-friendly options, one of the main specifics of this project was to make it as LEED certified as possible. To do that, I looked for LEED certified finished and furnishes. One furnishing piece that I found for outdoors, was constructed out of 200 milk jug bottles!

This project was super fun to do. I kept the color scheme very natural with pops of accent complementary colors.

In this Hand Rendering you see the cash wrap wall where the treats and menu boards are placed. I used this wall as an accent wall with the Hygee & West wall covering in Dog Park (Blue). Not only is this wall covering toxic free but also donates all of the sale profits to a San Francisco Dog Shelter.

I look forward to sharing more designs with you. For any questions about this perspective or design please email me at:

Until next time,

Maelee Arnold

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