Welcome to Maelee Arnold Designs’ FIRST EVER blog post!

Maelee Arnold has immersed herself in the spirit and lifestyle of the design world. She has been passionate about people, and their environments from an early age. Maelee has grown up in the furniture industry ever since she was four years old so it was no surprise to her family when she started pursing a career in the industry for herself. Maelee is located twenty minutes North West from Americas “Furniture Capital of the World” also known as High Point, North Carolina. Maelee is a Showroom Designer and the Director of Social Marketing and Brand Communications at a High Point Design Center furniture and accessory showroom, Asian Loft. She also is working as a Jr. Commercial Interior Designer specializing in 3D Renderings at Carolina Furnishing + Designs with a focus on Healthcare and Educational design.  The purpose of her blog is to write about her knowledge and experiences learned from professional work and design school. Her designs are straightforward, unconventional, and functional. With an eye for quality, a good sense of style, and client-centered approach to business, Maelee has proven herself as an innovative designer. Her mission is to assist both residential and commercial clients in creating a space that suits her clients needs and reflects their personalities.

Maelee will graduate with her first degree in Interior Design, May 2018. She  will then be continuing her education at a different University in the Fall of 2018 to gain further knowledge of Interior Design with a heavy focus on Interior Architecture and Visual Merchandising. Maelee appreciates all aspects of design but what draws her to Interior Design the most is, restorative buildings and the unique one-of-a-kind furniture that often fills them.

Follow Maelee’s Journey: web_DSC4342

Until next time,

Maelee Arnold

Interior Design Student




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